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Dadehpardaz Pouya Sharif
Knowledge Enterprise Company

This company provides specialized web-based solutions that have provided complex services to its customers with ease.

The presence of many web design and programming projects in our portfolio shows the ability and experience in designing and programming advanced web systems with complex business logic and large volumes of data and transactions. This knowledge and expertise have enabled us to provide web users with reliable and creative software solutions to carry out their most complex and unimaginable business ideas.

After a decade of working in the field of "Information Technology," Dadehpardaz now consists of a powerful team of experienced professionals. We provide comprehensive services from custom website design to developing sophisticated Internet systems to understand business needs, implement customers' work, and provide reliable solutions.

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Dadehpardaz Company has started its activity for more than a decade to produce and develop web and mobile systems such as enterprise portals, application integration platforms, comprehensive radio network project management platforms, various types of mobile applications, etc. From the very beginning, the company has been able to carry out many successful projects by applying software production standards and with the support of specialized personnel. Cooperation with large organizations such as Hamrahe Aval, Iran Information Technology Organization, Unilever Company, Knauf Company, and many other top companies, For consecutive years to grow and develop their business is one of our honors.

  • Introducing Dadehpardaz brand as a world-renowned brand
  • Upgrading the level of products and services to the level of global standards
  • Standing among the top software companies
  • Improving the level of intra-organizational knowledge
  • Creating work and specialized units in the organization
  • Increasing internal communications at the country level

Dadehpardaz is one of the leading companies in the field of design and development of software systems. Since the beginning of its activity, it has received numerous certificates and honors in this regard. The latest version of the received certificates can be seen on the company's honors page.

Dadehpardaz Values:
  • Process-oriented operations
  • Professional core and fixed staff
  • Project planning and control system
  • Quality control and assurance system
  • Documentation system and optimal reporting methods
  • Use of standard IT protocols and tools at the organization level

Dadehpardaz Specialists

Since its establishment, Dadehpardaz has formed a team of experts in information technology to attract and hire expert specialists for its organization. Our team is an expert in the latest software design and development technologies, dynamic, committed, which possesses top degrees and rankings from reputable centers and universities.

  • The latest blockchain technologies, design, and development of smart contracts
  • Latest database design technologies:
  • Postgre SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB
  • Latest technologies for designing and developing web applications:
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Liferay
  • Java
  • javascript
  • react js
  • Vue.js
  • Latest application design and development technologies:
  • Android
  • IOS
  • PWA
  • Using advanced systems support methodologies
  • Employing advanced UI and UX design methodologies
  • Apply up-to-date software documentation and SRS methodologies
  • Apply known quality control and quality assurance standards
  • Utilization of up-to-date technologies of software systems infrastructure

Through a variety of communication channels, we are ready to provide comprehensive services in the field of information technology at any time to guide you to the future of the world of technology.

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